How much set-up time is needed for a sweet table set up? 

Please ensure that the venue will allow us to come in 3-4 hours prior to the start of the event to set-up.

How much time is needed to book a sweet table?

The earlier the better! We book-up quickly and we need at least two months to plan and design your sweet table. 

Do I meet with my sweet table designer or can I work with them online?

We work with clients entirely online!

Can allergies or gluten-free options be accommodated?

Yes! Please inform The Art of Sweets of any allergies upon booking.

Can I choose what desserts go on my sweet table?

The Art of Sweets prides ourselves with executing our own designs. We ensure only top quality desserts are displayed on your custom sweet table. Dessert requests can be made upon booking and we will try our best to accommodate any requests during the design stage. 

Do I have to tell my venue to provide a table for the sweet table or does The Art of Sweets provide a table?

We offer various table options that are discussed after booking. Sometimes we ask to use a venue’s table, while other times we bring our own tables. 

Is there anything I need to do the day my sweet table will be made?

Yes! Get your camera and sweet tooth ready! Your job is to come to your event and be in awe when you see your custom sweet table displayed!

What items are mine to keep on my custom sweet table?

All desserts, floral arrangements and your custom backdrop are yours to keep. To-go containers will be provided for you and your guests to take any left over desserts home

Does The Art of Sweets take care of the clean up after the event?

Yes! We come when your event is complete to pack away all our dishes and cake stands. Any left over dessert will be packaged and left for you to take home. 

Do I need to inform my venue that The Art of Sweets will be creating a sweet table?

Please do! We appreciate if you inform your venue that we will be coming. We also always contact the venue to make sure they know we are coming and to ensure what time we will be there to begin set up.

How do I book The Art of Sweets?

Fill out our contact form and get in touch to see if your event date is still available- we book up very early! When you are ready to secure your date a non-refundable deposit is due and you’re all set!